About she is apparel

My name is Selene Da Silva and I am the founder of She is apparel. She is apparel is a brand created with women in mind. We want to empower women and help spread the word.

As a victim of sexual abuse, I know how hard it could be sometimes to speak up, and that’s why a portion of our profits go to charity and to non profits organizations (we are creating our own as well) to provide women in need with resources to help them financially and psychologically like jon opportunities, education, basic goods and self defense classes.

"Our brand was created to support women. We believe in equality, justice, inclusion, education & dialogue".

We believe everybody deserves equal treatment, and to feel free to express themselves without fear. To avoid all type of abuse and discrimination is what we are about. We are here to educate not just women but society. By providing a space for dialogue, free speech and understanding we can provide a safe environment for everybody. We rise by lifting each other.


Our purpose is to empower women and to educate society, to create a safe platform for women to speak up, to provide support and to and to help each other to grow.


We are committed to provide resources to help women in need, by donating 20% of our profits to a coalition of nonprofits while creating our own.